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  • July 15, 2019
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It is hard to be spontaneous when you are shopping for one of the core new pieces of your wardrobe, whether it is a coat, pants or a sweater. There are many things to consider:

  • Will it go with what I have in my wardrobe?
  • Will it be comfortable, stylish, trendy and practical?
  • Is it my colour?
  • Is it the right length, texture and fabric?

There may be even more questions popping into your head! With shopping it seems that one day you cannot find anything that works for you, and the next day you can hardly choose what to pick from the available options. This almost takes away all the excitement away from shopping!

Shopping for fashion accessories is a different game plan. It is simply enjoyable! It is fun!

Haven’t you noticed that when you are shopping for accessories, even picking out a red hat, vibrant pink scarf or bright purple gloves seems simply energizing? You can add all the drama to your look without any drama in your head!

Yes, accessories are that good!

Accessories are among the least expensive items in just about any store, but they are capable of bringing maximum impact without really breaking the bank.

Think of all the clothes that have been hanging in the back of your closet for a few years now. Although they were expensive, you no longer wear them for several reasons. Maybe you have gained some weight and they no longer fit properly, maybe they are no longer on-trend, you have nothing to coordinate them with, or they do not make you happy. Yet you feel you cannot get rid of them because when you bought them, they were an investment.

Accessories are completely different! We know that we wear them more and change them more often, except for maybe a few favourites that wear well and work with anything you have in your closet.

Prepare to have fun with accessories:

  • Experiment with a colour you have never worn before: mustard, red or green. Accessories are a perfect way to try it out. If it works, you might consider using it in bigger pieces.
  • Snakeskin or animal print scarves and bags! There are very few colours they will not go with. That is the reason why they keep coming back as a trend, but always with a new twist.
  • Accessorize your bag with a scarf. It is a just little touch, but it will always look like you have put a lot of thought into your outfit.
  • Add an elegant piece to an otherwise casual outfit. Try a fedora hat or lacquered alligator skin crossbody bag.
  • Get an oversized tote. It makes a statement, changes the scale of things, and fits anything you want.
  • If you were never sure about plaid, try an oversized scarf or maybe a pair of gloves. It is one of those patterns that might seem too much as a shirt or a skirt, but it really looks great as accessory.
  • Try a metallic bag or clutch with casual clothing! The modern (and a bit futuristic) look will make the whole ensemble look more dynamic
  • Use one vibrant colour for all of your accessories. A hat, pair of gloves and a bag, or even a belt, might not be too much in this situation.
  • Towards the end of winter, we always lose enthusiasm for clothing and don’t bother to add colour to the same boring coat that has survived the whole season. Add a hat and scarf in a fresh colour just to get in the mood for spring!
  • Cover ups are not just for your tropical getaway! They are great for an everyday summer look too! Wear them with jeans and a plain tank top for a splash of colour and that airy look.

As you see, experimenting with accessories is fun, but more importantly, you don’t have to commit to one look for long! Every season will inevitably bring a new twist on fashion accessories!


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