Accessories that will carry you through the season

As soon as the fall season lands upon us, our minds automatically switch to “cozy” mode and we start thinking about sweaters, scarves, gloves, toques, everything that will keep us warm in the fall and the winter that follows.

However, staying warm doesn’t mean going out of style. That’s why we are here to tell you about all the accessories that can carry you through the fall/winter season.



Is your outfit even complete without your favorite bag hanging over your shoulder or across your body? When it comes to buying a bag, we know there are so many styles to choose from and so many choices. The stress is real! That’s why we wanted to help you and narrow down the choices to two styles that are trending this season – the “wear-it-the-way-you-want” mini bags and the “will-fit-everything” oversized bags.

We spoke about these bags in our previous post. But we are still not done stressing how amazing they are. Now, we are not going to lie about the mini bags. It is not always the best choice when it comes to practicality. (That’s why we have our oversized bags. But we will come to that later.) You can hardly fit your phone in the bag. However, the mini bag trend does not seem to die off.  With many celebrities seen sporting it, several designers too have got caught on the trend and added it to their collections.


Ok, let’s talk about the new-favorite of the designers and fashionistas – the oversized bags. We don’t think we even need to give an explanation about why this style is trending. Who doesn’t want a bag that could fit all your essentials and still have room left? It cannot get better for fashion lovers when trend and practicality are delivered in one package!



Heavy jewellery

It’s time to put aside your delicate jewellery because the maximalist style is back in trend! Celebrity designers like Brandon Maxwell, Carolina Bucci, and Ana Khouri, have been introducing the new styles to fashion runways in New York and Las Vegas. From chunky chains to stone earrings to metallic bracelets, the heavy jewellery is becoming a part of every day fall attire this season.

Be among the first ones to jump on the bandwagon because these styles are going to make entry into spring/summer 2020 as well.


 Hair accessories – Headbands & Hair pins

According to Glamour UK magazine, “Autumn/winter 2019 will be the headband’s *season*.” There’s no surprise why. Headbands give you that “street-style look”, making you stand out, and is a practical accessory for the winter.


Another style that the New York fashion elite brought to the forefront: the hairpins. As the winter sets in and everything around you turns grey and white, add a little bit of sparkle to brighten your attire and your day with these hairpins.

The best part about it are the prices. From hair pins with crystal and pearl embellishments to headbands with glitter and velvet, everything is available to our retail customers, both in Canada and USA, at a very low wholesale price.


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