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  • July 15, 2019
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There is nothing like accessories to bring an extra punch of colour and style into your store. It is cost effective and easy, and today we’ll talk about some ways to display them.

wholesale fashion collection

When we order our accessories each season, we combine them in category, colour or pattern groups. Here is why:

  • We like to offer a full range of items (such as hats, scarves, gloves and bags) for clients who love to match or coordinate;
  • We create easy, display ready sets (if your clients see multiple items merchandised together, there is a good chance they will buy them together. This means the bonus of an add-on sale for you!);
  • We offer you the benefit of consolidated wholesale buying;
  • This creates maximum impact on merchandise displays inside your store and in your window. Don’t forget that attractive displays attract customers!

We build our collections around real people and ideas about the clothing they will wear when they are looking for accessories. Having real people in mind makes it much easier to work on our combinations. When you are buying, think not only about what you like, but what your clients would like to see together. This makes your choices more balanced and calculated.

wholesale fashion collection

Ways to combine fashion accessories:

Match. Matching seems to be easy, and a lot of clients are comfortable with matching. However, do not forget that accessories are something that clients add to their clothing. You may want to buy pieces that match perfectly, but remember that in reality, these accessories will be worn with other pieces of clothing and footwear, so make sure not to be too matchy-matchy!

Solids and prints. Print accessories will always have a dominant or background colour. Use this colour to pick out coordinating accessories that can be displayed together in one grouping.

Mixing up textures. Textures are fun and they work well for accessories to add volume just where it is needed. Display colour coordinated pieces in different textures like faux fur, cable knit and faux snakeskin to create interest.

wholesale fashion collection

Go monochromatic. Using shades of the same colour is magic! Here you can stay away from matching but still be consistent and creative with really pleasing results.

Offer some bold solutions. Although some of your clients may want to appear conservative, they still will be attracted to trendy colours and prints that are seen everywhere this season. A few bold displays in your store window will definitely attract attention from your clientele and passersby!

Introduce fresh seasonal colours. After a long boring winter, our eye craves fresh, bold, happy colours such as coral, ocean blue and sunshine yellow. After a hot, busy summer, fall colours like rust, cranberry and hunter green make us feel cozy and ready to cuddle. Our mood is well expressed by colour, which is something savvy retailers discovered long ago. Build your window and store displays around seasonal colours. This is the time for accessories to sparkle! They are a small investment and will help move the pricier items in your store!

wholesale fashion collection

What’s the secret?

The secret is that we are always looking for ideas and ready for practical and inspiring solutions. This is where the retail and online stores come to the rescue. They inspire, recommend and showcase exciting ways to wear simple things. Clients live to shop in the stores where they get advice from the experts. After all, fashion is a full-time job, even when your store doors are closed!

What are your favorite tricks to display accessories?

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