Animal print makes entry into the fashion jungle – for yet another season

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  • November 29, 2019
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Animal print. A style that has been on top of the trend list for a few seasons now. Before you move on brushing this style as a thing of the past, let us tell you why this trend is going to get carried over well into the next season. (And why we have it in our spring/summer 2020 collection.)

We all know how the fashion industry works and how several trends reemerge several seasons or even decades later. Animal print is on top of that list. It was leopard that made the comeback first and soon snake, tiger, crocodile, zebra, cow, and slowly the tortoise, all joined the fashion jungle and have been making their appearance on runways since 2017. This gave designers the opportunity to experiment with a variety of patterns, not only for clothing but for bags, shoes, belts, and accessories, and come up with different ways to wear the print. This could probably explain why the animal print is still a top fashion choice. “From bodysuits to coats, to full monochromatic leopard outfits, designers were not afraid to let their creativity fly with their new found favorite “color”,” writes Nandi Howard in Essence.



One advantage of animal print is that it offers a lot of flexibility and you can mix-and-match with different animal prints or solid colors. You could wear a leopard print top with a solid color skirt, or the other way around, match it with a snake print boots and accessorize it with a crocodile print crossbody bag. This is not saying that it will work well with any color or print. As with any attire, you have to make sure to pick the right combination to get the New York street look, or else it could seem clashy. (Attention retailers: We will be introducing some of these prints and colors in our spring/summer collection. Make sure you don’t miss out on them!)





We have been observing a similar mix-and-match styling method on runways too this season, where designers introduced the layering approach by wearing prints one on top of the other. Paco Rabanne had showcased the perfect and chic layering combination in their Fall 2019 runway itself, and the style is now catching up with fashionistas elsewhere.

Another way the designers have redefined the print is switching the natural animal print color for the bright shades. This ensures that you add a pop to your attire (Because it’s summer and you need to have that pop!) and stay on trend (Because that is a must too).



A bolder approach was adopted by Dolce & Gabbana where they combined two trending styles together – animal prints and floral design. It seems they were aiming for the whole jungle theme! While this might seem a little too striking, we believe this is the reason the animal print has survived these many seasons. While in the 90’s, the street style was to keep it simple with the animal print, now the fashion world is ready to go bolder and more creative.

May be, for fall/winter 2020, designers might come up with more unconventional styles to wear the print or they might toss it out all together. We are not sure, but we are excited to see what’s in stock!

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