Fanny packs are the way to go!

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  • December 13, 2019
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Fanny packs, waist pouches, belt bags, hip bags, or bum bags, call it what you want or, if you didn’t know these names already, remember them, because this ultra-convenient, super-practical bag has been gaining momentum over the years and it keeps getting bigger – so much that fashion labels are giving it makeovers and coming up with their own versions and even names.

We mentioned in one of our previous blogs how this hands-free bag went from a style statement to a wardrobe staple because of the flexibility it offers. When it first came out, the fanny packs essentially portrayed a tourist or street style look. However, over the years, it underwent a major revival to suit a more sophisticated look.

Why this is surprising is because, if you do not consider its initial boom in the 80s and 90s, this look was more or less considered a joke or a fashion failure and was not well received even by pop culture. If you are a pop culture fanatic, you will remember how comedian Jerry Seinfeld makes a snarling comment of the fanny pack in the comedy series Seinfeld when he looks at the character George and says, “Looks like your belt is digesting a small animal.”

While the fashion labels and designers are the reason these fanny packs got a makeover and was able it to the list of luxury fashion, credit for helping this bag gain the appeal it has today also goes to celebrities like Kendall Jenner, A$AP Rocky, Beyoncé, Leonardo DiCaprio, Karlie Kloss, and Jimmy Kimmel, who even sported one with his tux at the Emmys.



What gave the bag more recognition is the new way street-style stars decided to wear them: across the shoulder and not around the waist (like how its name suggested you originally wear them).  While we haven’t tried out this new trend yet (We have the bag, you decide the style!), we believe it offers more flexibility and someone somewhere figured out this is the way to go! Soon enough, the craze spread and Supreme and Louis Vuitton introduced them on the runways, followed by other labels.

With more and more people switching to this new look, we are now waiting to see what name the fashion world will come up with for the bag now. Whatever way you decide to wear them, we can guarantee one thing – with this bag, you will have both comfort and style.

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