Fashion Accessories: A Great Way to Increase Your Store Sales!

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  • July 15, 2019
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We started this business because we love accessories, so selling them wholesale seemed like the next logical thing. Like all things inspired by passion, the business flourished, and after a successful 10 years, looking back – we would never do it any other way.

Clients simply love accessories!

For those who follow fashion and have a great business foresight, it is easy to understand why accessories are doing so well with both brick and mortar retail and online stores:

  • Accessories are low cost items and are, often, an impulse buy for a client
  • They are an easy add on purchase
  • With accessories you can offer your clients a complete styling experience
  • Accessorizing your displays in your store will help you sell more clothing
  • For a relatively low investment, you can offer a great variety of accessories
  • Low shipping cost
  • Great potential for a higher markup

We also have noticed that people simply love accessories, and enjoy mixing and matching and experimenting with colours and textures. Choosing accessories creates a truly personal experience. Clients can easily change the entire look by adding a scarf and a hat, or accentuating it with gloves and a purse.

So what can you do to sell more accessories in your store?

One of the old rules of sales – to sell more you have to show more! People cannot buy what they do not see.  And with fashion accessories it is very easy. We have developed a program for our clients where with only $250 they can enjoy the benefit of our low minimums, as low as 2 units per SKU. With that you can really add a great variety to your store and it makes it easy to experiment with patterns.

Show coordinating pieces in one display. As you know, some clients mix it up, and some clients just love to match. Help them find their personal style and show a few options side by side! Your clients will simply love it. And it will mean more sales for you.

Show your clothing styles together with accessories. A styled clothing display complete with accessories will give a great impression of a more finished work. It is also a great opportunity to show off your competence. Your clients will trust you more to help them choose.

Accessories are an impulse buy. Display more accessories near the checkout counter where clients slow down and spend more time. Nobody ever said “I have enough accessories”! Give them some time with accessories and they will remember that they have that coat at home that is just impossible to find the right scarf for, or they will realize that recently they lost a glove and need a new pair.

Once you have completed ordering your main clothing line, do not forget to order accessories to style it with. Do not let it to be an afterthought. In the wholesale business, there is a good 6 month span between ordering the new seasonal collection of clothing, so it is easy to forget about the little things. Do it right away – while you remember the look and feel that you need. This way you will have a well coordinated collection complete with accessories when the season comes.

By showing a great range of styles of accessories in your store you offer your clients a better presentation and better service. They can finish shopping in one place rather than going from store to store to look for small things. And that means more sales for you!

Here at Simi Accessories we will be glad to use our expertise to help you to pick the right styles of accessories that will work with your clothing collection and will translate into more sales for your business.

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