Go dotty with polka dots

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  • February 7, 2020
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If you do not like polka dots, are you even a real fashionista? I’m sorry, we had to say it! For who doesn’t want to look elegant and stylish showing off their cute, tiny polka dot print attire? Still can’t picture it? Think about Julia Roberts’ character in the movie Pretty Woman. When Vivian Ward attends the polo adorning a brown silk polka dot dress, you know it was not just the characters that went swooning over her look.

When we thought about writing on polka dots, we, initially, planned to include it with a blog post on prints and patterns. But that would not do justice to this beautiful, graceful pattern. And so, here we are! Now, we are not claiming that polka dots are in trend…or not. In reality, polka dots have earned their place, along with stripes, checks and animal prints, to become a print that never really goes away. Laura Yiannakou, senior womenswear editor at global trends forecasting company WGSN, explains in The Independent how polka dots almost “era-less”. “The polka dot print resurfaces every season. It’s also not aligned with any particular period in history,” she tells The Independent. It is a print that has stood the test of time. You can find it coming up on runways, streets, and in your wardrobe. (If you do not own one already, stop reading this right now, go out and get it!)


Now, let’s talk about how to style it, because, the harsh truth is there is nothing new about the print. However, when it comes to fashion, you know it’s the detailing that matters. Figuring out the right way to wear polka dot print will help to make the transition from just another repetitive outfit to that New York street style look.

When we have to learn how to tweak a common print, we first look at runways. And sure enough, Balenciaga, Richard Quinn, Tory Burch, Dries Van Noten and Gucci, to name a few, showed us how to make this elegant pattern stand out with different designs and colors.




If you are not sure if polka dot is really your style, start slow with a tank top or camisole. Pair with a short or skirt of a solid color or another pattern. (Tip: Pattern clash is trendy, but you have to ensure you don’t overdo it.) Another way you could play safe is to throw in the polka dots with your accessories. Opt for a polka dot bag, shoes, hats or headbands, and you will see how a simple print can help accentuate your look.

If you are bold to go all-polka dot, then there are so many attires and ways in which you could style it. Go for the head-to-toe polka dot look like Blair Eadie and even try mixing dots of different sizes and colors. (Again, don’t go overboard and mix more than three different prints.) One of the advantages, we believe, when it comes to polka dot is that it suits any body shape unlike the stripe pattern. So, if you are feeling a bit whimsical but, at the same time, wants the downright chic look, polka dot is your go-to.



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