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  • July 15, 2019
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For several years in a row now, pompom hats have taken a steady leading spot among winter accessories. Who would have thought? Among berets, fedoras and beanies, pompom hats have stayed a leader as confirmed by both sales reports and trend forecasts.

The secret is that they are a very practical and true consumer favourite. Although pompom hats do seem to be a low key accessory, their versatility is the reason they are so popular.

A key point we have learned selling accessories wholesale is that if customers find something practical and easy to wear, they will keep coming back.

Pompom hats:

  • Are soft and cozy
  • Take little space in your tote or backpack
  • Keep shape very well
  • Offer a variety of knit textures and patterns

Fur pompom feature!

Now when you thought that they cannot surprise us literally with anything anymore – you are wrong! Recently the yarn pompom has been upgraded to a foxy little natural fur one. You have a choice of fur pompoms in the colour matching the hats, or simply their natural look, looking great with beige, cream, green or mustard colour hat.

And just for fun – a little known fact about pompom hats!

Did you know that pompoms on hats (or back then berets) were first used by French sailors and not as a fashion statement! They served as a safety measure in the stormy weather and were designed to protect heads, should the beams or rails become untangled.

Styling your winter outfit with pompom hats

A simple understated pompom hat has its very own styling secrets:

Simple non-commitment accessory. That’s what we love about pompom hats – you do not plan for it and build around it. You might grab it from your closet last minute when running out the door. If the weather is too unpredictable, it is something good to have in your tote or backpack. It takes no space at all, and keeps its shape well at the same time!

Add height with a pompom hat! If you are height conscious, add a bit of height with a fluffy pompom. While light and airy, it extends your lines vertically making you look taller.

Great for casual outings! Feel a bit lazy and casual? Is it a warm sweater and thick scarf day? Then a pompom hat is a great choice to complete the cozy look. It is great for going skiing or to the movies with friends. After all, we all dress down for the weekend!

Add colour. Do you desperately love colour, but don’t feel bold enough to buy a mustard or hot pink coat? You can always add that pop of colour with a pompom hat. Moreover, with the low cost of pompom hats you can change up your look any time you want! Throw on a matching scarf and complementing gloves, and nobody will pin you as boring!

Add volume. We all hate winter because we need to wear hats. We all hate to see our hair flattened and lose any sense of control. Turn your enemy into a friend! A neat pompom hat adds just enough volume around your face and is flattering.

Look younger! You will shed an easy 5-10 years just by wearing a pompom hat! They do make anyone look youthful.

If consumers are thinking of getting rid of their old pompom hat at the end of the season, it is only to buy a new one. You will want to stock up for another busy season. Make sure you buy enough and so you don’t run out mid season!

Add pompom hats to your store’s winter collection accessories.

If you are shopping now for your store’s winter accessories collection, do stock up on pompom hats! We have lots of variety of colours and knits for you, as well as coordinating pieces to make it a one stop order!

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