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  • July 15, 2019
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If you are a seasoned retailer, you know that forecasting your fashion accessory trends translates directly into profits. We watch the fashion trends with a keen eye each season, and make them available here in Canada for you.

We are very thorough with our seasonal collections product mix, so that when you buy from us you will get the right selection of new 2019 hot trends and classic looks. With us, you can optimize your orders and do all your accessories shopping for your brick and mortar or online store in one place!

Let’s talk about the hottest trends of 2019-2020:

Mini bags (this season’s hottest trend!)

After a few years of trying to fit everything they own into one bag, fashionistas have clearly decided that they do not want to do it anymore! All you really need these days anyway is a phone and a credit card, and maybe a lipstick, all of which can easily fit into a small crossbody bag. No more digging through your bag trying to find your phone when you hear it ring.

The attraction of mini bags is that they sport this season’s well-defined shape, great eye-catching colours and cool selection of textures. The bags this upcoming season are back to more of a fashion statement than the convenient haul-all tote bags of the last few seasons.

Mini bags really keep your life organized. You can keep all that is important close to you, and if you are a commuter or need a spacious bag for extra shoes or your gym clothes, you can always grab a tote too.

Along with cute mini crossbodies, belt bags are making a quiet entry back this season. After all, they are very handy, and you can keep your cell phone within reach and your life in order.

Bucket hats

Bucket hats have been recently spotted on quite a few celebrities and viola, now you can easily order them from us in Canada wholesale! They are a great urban hat, and we totally see this trend taking over the streets of Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal!

Bucket hats look great in spring and summer, and still work for fall when you can pair them with transitional styles. They are perfect for keeping the sun off your neck and face without being an obvious sun hat.

Another great feature of bucket hats this coming season is that they are reversible, with a solid and a pattern side. We thought plaid could be fun so we created this versatile look for you to order! Your clients will enjoy it and will definitely keep it for a few seasons!

Snakeskin print

A touch of animal print works for any fashion season; after all it is a well accepted classic throughout the history of fashion! This season the distinctive snakeskin print is making it big!

If you think about it, snakeskin print is a great pattern and texture to make a permanent part of your wardrobe! It will definitely dress up any casual clothing. It also works with any type of figure and complexion! There is simply no colour that snakeskin won’t work with.

Order it as man-made leather look or as a print on fabric. Your clients will come back for more!

Printed scarves on mini bags

Small square scarves are very big for Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter! They look cute around your neck and with your handbag too! Tie them around the handle of your smart mini bag to show you are up with the trends!

For a retailer, they are probably the best buy as they’ll get you the most impact for your buck!

Hats with bling

Now that we see a bit more sunlight, we forget how boring and grey winter days can be! What do you do when you want to dress up a little, but all that you have to work with is a boring jacket, bulky scarf and snow boots up to your knees?

The answer: you choose a hat or a headband with beads and sequins! It’s just a little touch, but what a big difference it makes. It will make your eyes sparkle too! Winter hats with just a touch of bling are a big trend for 2019.

Fedora hats (always a trend!)

A great fedora, with its distinctive look, is a must have if you’re a hat lover. Try a fedora in black, soft grey or tan if you want to stand out in a crowd. Pair it up with a jacket, a short cashmere coat or simply a sweater and jeans. Try a straw fedora for the Spring/Summer season and a wool fedora for Fall/Winter.

Fedoras simply keep coming back season after season! They are a true classic. The fedora guarantees steady sales and it also adds a sophisticated touch to any outfit!

Canvas and woven tote bags

Even though we’re all wearing mini statement bags, in the back of our mind we fear we might run out of room in these bags. Especially if we wake up not knowing where the day will bring us!

Luckily, you can keep up with the hot trends of the season by filling a canvas or woven tote bag with all your extras! These bags will also make your store’s window displays look fantastic!

Plaids have never been cozier

There are three things that warm us up on dull winter days: coffee, soft scarves and plaid accessories (and when we say accessories, we mean literally anything)!

We cannot get you coffee, but we do have plenty of scarves and a great selection of classic and modern (lots of fun, bright colours!) plaid patterns on everything from gloves to vests to ponchos. The great news is that they are at such a great price that you will be able to afford your coffee as well!

Mustard is the new black

Mustard (and other yellow shades) is strong for the 2019 season and going into 2020. If you think about it, mustard can be a neutral colour that works with anything. Use it in accessories such as scarves, hats and bags, or clothing. We promise you will not get tired of it!

Mustard is guaranteed to attract attention, and at the same time, it is a neutral base that is great to coordinate any colour or pattern with. With mustard, you can do as much or as little as you want to. Try either a solid sweater paired with mustard plaid gloves and a scarf, or a solid jacket in black or grey with coordinating solid mustard accessories.

Yes it is plain black and white – but look at the textures!

The black and white colour combination is back this season! But did it ever leave?! This season, this classic colour combination gets more interesting with new fun textures and patterns: faux leather, faux suede, floral patterns, animal prints, plaids and solids.

To help you get ahead of the trend, we offer great black and white collections for both Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter.

Gloves are getting tons of attention!

Gloves are a big statement piece for Fall/Winter 2019-2020! They definitely don’t look like the pair you just shoveled the snow in. There are great colourful and printed options, fun added touches like fur, and yes, lots of different textures!

And we do have your classic black leather and fabric gloves as well!

Cover ups are not only for the beach

You may have just unpacked your beach cover up from your latest tropical trip, but don’t hide it away until your next vacation!  It’s a great layering piece for Spring/Summer 2019. Throw it on top of a tank top and jeans, and head downtown to take your next look for Instagram.

This season we offer an amazing selection of cover ups. Choose from tons of different prints and colour options. We simply could not get over that great layered look!

Belt your vest, cover up or scarf

The layered look is all the rage and you can use a belt to make it look more tailored. You will look whimsical with just one side of a cover up or scarf playfully tucked into a belt while the other side can simply be left loose! This also works great when you want to avoid a strict horizontal belt line and make it look effortlessly casual.

Pompom hats

These understated hats have taken the industry by storm. This year there is a huge selection of pompoms to choose from: natural fur, monochromatic, faux fur and yarn. These hats are great for adding height and a touch of whimsy to your look! They are so popular that we dedicated a whole blog post to this accessory. Read more to see why you will definitely want to stock up on pompom hats for your retail store.

Lots of layers

Each season, we build our collection around layers – just the way your clients will wear them! This makes the ordering and store presentation even easier for you! You do not have to search from one wholesaler to another to order your entire collection. We have already done all the legwork for you! With layering, every accessory plays a role from scarves to hats to gloves to bags.

Layering is a fantastic way for your clients to express themselves, and an even better way for you to display your variety of accessories!

We have done all the research for you, so you can conveniently order and stock your store with the hottest trends!

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