Stay in style this season with all the trending colors!

It’s that time of the year again where people switch from summer dresses to sweater and jackets. The time of the year where you see some new fashion trends on the streets. This year, why not stop being a spectator and become a trendsetter yourself?

We can give you a few tips on the trending colors this season to help you get started!


Mustard/yellow – Be bright

Mustard and yellow were the biggest color trends for Spring this year; and, it seems, the craze is not going to die down soon. Nothing screams happiness more than yellow, one of the reasons the color is still high on the trends’ list. Go all mustard or mix-and-match a mustard scarf and bag with a black sweater, and brighten up your day and that of the people around you!


Hot pink – Go bold

Are you looking to create a bold statement this season? Then hot pink is your go-to color. Trust us, not everyone can pull off the “hot pink” look, but if you know how to accessorize it well, you will stand out in the crowd. Again, don’t be afraid to go bold! Get that zany look by mix-and-matching your hot pink with some orange, red, or mustard.


Pastels – Live light

Don’t get us wrong. We love our jewel tones. But we also know how important it is to alternate between your looks so that you don’t look monotonous. That’s where the trending pastels come in. While it may seem that pastels won’t go along with the dull shades of fall, our experiences have taught us otherwise.

Nothing says elegance like pastels, and there is a variety of options to choose from. Go for blush pink if you want a bit of feminine touch to your outfit. Match your blush pink sweater with a scarf, toque and crossbody bag of the similar shade and you are set. If you are looking for a more refreshing look, you can’t go wrong with pistachio or a pastel blue.


White-toned beige/light grey – Stay classy

Beige never goes out of fashion and is always a rage in fall/winter. This season, we are leaning more towards the white-toned beige and light grey colors. Beige speaks class and, if accessorized right, will add the right balance of style and elegance to your look. Match your favorite sweater with a light grey scarf, a fedora hat or a toque, and be ready for the fall.

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