Take on the classic look this summer with white

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  • February 21, 2020
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If there’s one look that synonymous with classic, it is the all-white monochromatic style. It might not always be your best choice, especially if you are going out for a party or with your kids. (Don’t forget to make bleach pens your friend, if you do dare it!) But it is your answer for those days when you want to go all classy.

To be honest, dressing head-to-toe in any color is a bold but tricky move, and when it is white, it is extra tiring. You have to be careful to ensure that at the end of the day, your white attire is in the same shade as the one you wore when you stepped out of your house. But here’s the secret: white makes you look powerful and posh because the general assumption would be if you dare to wear all-white, you are probably not travelling by public transport or grabbing burgers or hot dogs while being out. So, even if you are wearing a designer-wear or just a regular racerback top paired with white pants with an ivory-toned cardigan thrown on top, your outfit is going to shout expensive. Did we already mention powerful? It really feels like you are making a strong statement. (even if you are not!)




When it comes to going all blanc, you have to really make sure you dress it right. (You don’t want to look like the Abominable Snowman.) But don’t let that dishearten you because an all-white attire helps you look elegantly chic and beat the summer heat at the same time. Another advantage of this look is how versatile it is. Whether it is for work, a day out or party, throwing in a white outfit would definitely make more heads turn than your staple black formal wear or a party attire.



Now the trick is to know how exactly to dress it up and accessorize your look. You can either go for a similar tone look or mix different shades of white. The latter will give a warm tonal and textural look. Go for anything from oyster mushroom shade to ivory to pearl white.  If you want to add in a bit of subtle color, then opt for a light shade of pink, pistachio green or gold, but restrict them to your accessories. Bold enough to have a bit of fun with your attire? Then pop in a shade of hot pink or scarlet red. Target these shades for your handbag or heels. This will help you to still get the elegant look you want and get your shoes/bag the attention that it deserves.

Still not convinced? Then let us put it here simply: White gives you a refreshing take on summer, leaves you with a very elegant monochromatic look, and just effortlessly delivers a confidence boost on your off days! Now, who doesn’t want a shot of that?




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