Twirl your way into the pleated skirt

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  • January 24, 2020
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The smooth skirt the flows effortlessly and hypnotizes as you sway your way around in it. You know what we are talking about: The pleated skirt. The reason we are talking about it now: Because they are making a comeback, a major comeback. (Truth be told, this is a style that never really died down, it just keeps going up and down on the trend chart.) In fact, the trend is now not just restricted to skirts. The pleats have been making a way into dresses, shorts, pants and even tops gradually.



One thing we learned from the runway looks is that there are no hard-and-fast rules on what to wear with the pleated skirt. In the past few years, the pleated skirt was spotted on the runways of Valentino, Lanvin, and Balenciaga, styled in their own unique way. While the skirt has a classic and feminine touch, its super-versatility makes it whimsical. You can pair it with a crop top, a camisole, a shirt, a sweater, a blazer, or even a jacket over your top. Do you see where we are going with it? Yes, it is a style that you can carry off throughout all seasons.  You can even experiment and mix-and-match it with other colors to create your unique style.



For winter, you can pair it with a cashmere and a woolen jacket, along with knee-high boots. For fall, go with a muscle tank top, a leather or denim jacket, and ankle or thigh-length boots. Come spring/summer (This is our favorite season to go pleats) and you have so many more options on how to style it. Pair it with a plain tee and sneakers for a “not-so girly” day look, or match it with a tank top or camisole and high heels for a night out. It is also one of the perfect picks for those hot summer days when you want to stay stylish yet not feel suffocated by all the clothing.

Another advantage: It suits every body type. While the skirt’s feminine nature gives it a graceful and delicate look, it helps not to reveal too much of the body shape. Isn’t this enough to make it everyone’s favorite?

PS: If you are an Instagram addict, this skirt is perfect for that boomerang!


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