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  • July 15, 2019
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Once you have finalized accessory shopping for the new season, it is the perfect time to think about the bags you will select for your store. Why now at the end and not at the very beginning? Because at this stage, you have finalized your colour palettes for the upcoming season as well as the merchandise planogram for your store. The greatest thing about bags is that their size truly does not matter. You will never have to fear being stuck with odd and unpopular sizes at the end of the season. Everything will go as long as you carry the top trends in bag colours, shapes and cool functional options.

At Simi Accessories we offer a wide selection of trendy bags for all lifestyles:

Fold-up carry-on bags: this understated bag is extremely practical as you can simply fold it up and keep it in your car or throw it in your luggage when you travel. It will always come in handy to carry those unexpected purchases (that you have promised yourself you wouldn’t make!). Also, it can easily hide a lunch bag.

Backpacks: they are an easy sell for the urban fashionista who wants to keep her hands free. This season’s backpacks come in a variety of colours, sizes and material options.

Tote bags: they are just perfect for those who head out for the entire day and need to carry their whole life with them! A great tote will easily fit a makeup bag, lunch box, tablet and an extra pair of shoes.

Beach bags: these are simply fun to sell as you know your client will be heading for a few good weeks of sun and relaxation! Or take them to the lake or urban beach!

Waist pouch: for a few generations we looked down on them, but they have been quietly making their way back. They are extremely functional and (dare we say!) fashionable.

Clutches: they are lovely and easy to coordinate (they’re also very Instagrammable!), but they will have to stay in your hands once you leave the house (although you can always put your clutch in a bigger tote and take it out when you are heading to a party after work).

Crossbody bags: they are elegant, reserved, compact and a great option for fashionistas who like understated minimalism.

Watch out for this year’s hot bag trends (for both Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter):

Talking about bags and purses with your clients

Offering your client a coordinating or contrasting bag to complete their look is an excellent way to help them, show that you care, as well as a great opportunity for an add-on sale. This is the advantage of the brick and mortar store – to give your clients the full service and be able to offer items then and there.

Bear in mind that not all bag sizes will work for everyone. It is a matter of your client’s height and proportions, and also a matter of personal preference. Some people prefer large bags that can fit the contents of their entire life while making a vibrant statement, while others love a mini bag that only holds the essentials like a phone, credit card and keys.

So how do you find the right bag for your client? Talk to them about their lifestyle, special occasions and favorite colours, and day to day routines. Are they commuters, have kids, go to yoga classes straight after work or planning a beach vacation? There is a great bag style for everyone! Helping your client choose the best solution will help you win their trust, and they’ll value your expertise and come back for more!

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